Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Let’s start off with I’m a big fan of dogs. They are basically a big part of our family. I like to treat them better than I probably should but I believe they enhance our lives, so they should be treated as such.

They get us outside and do that walk we tell ourselves we need but may not have the gumption to do, they give us snuggles if we need them or not. They warm our hearts, relieve stress and comfort us while we are down. Don’t get me wrong, they also leave their fur everywhere, bring us gifts, chew on items that they shouldn’t and often times make us do things for them that we may not want to at that time.

I have a good friend that also loves dogs and she makes her dog homemade treats. She opened my eyes to the bad things that could be in store bought treats, even the well known brands, so I had her send me her recipe. I have changed the recipe slightly, I use whole wheat flour instead of brown rice flour, but my dog hasn’t complained about it yet. My dog has me trained at a certain time to give her the treat and she has me trained well.

Thank you Nicole for sharing this great dog treat recipe with me and know that my dog loves them. If you also love your furry pets, try this recipe and see how they like them. Find the recipe here. And we have other recipes/fun stuff.

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