About AA

About Arizona Appetite

What is it about food that unites the world? It unites family and friends. Its what most people do on a first date, go to dinner. It is a basic need of life and it is one of the most celebrated things on earth. Every nation, every people have a celebration of food, the planting, the harvest, the cooking and the eating.

Our mission at Arizona Appetite is to not only celebrate and educate, but explore and report the world of food around us. Yes there is breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there is so much more. Where does your food come from, who grows it, who sells it, who cooks it, who buys it, who ships it, who keeps it safe, who has contact with what we eat and how does it effect our enjoyment of the meal.

Food, like music, is a universal language. Everywhere in the world food is grown, harvested, prepared and consumed. There are so many edible ingredients in this world that it would be impossible to know or understand them all, but we are going to try.

We will be for the most part concentrating on the local area and Arizona in general, but will at times explore other areas, regions and cultures that pertain to food. what does the local fire department crew cook for themselves, how does the ranch cook feed a branding crew in the spring, who comes up with the menus at your favorite restaurants, where does Costco get their produce, why do they put water showers on the produce at the local grocery, well you get the idea, the world of food.

Yes there will be dining guides, menus, recipes, the usual food magazine information but with a lot more included. Local food producers. When we moved here, we had to go to the bank to change our info and the bank pro who helped us has an olive oil company. We went rafting down the Grand Canyon and one of the guides owns a hot sauce company and ships all over the country. It is all around us in many forms if you look and listen.

The first item of business is that this is not a restaurant review site. Yes there will be information on the dinning scene but this is only a place for positive information, positive feedback and positive knowledge, this is not the place to vent your views on bad experiences you have had. If you have come across ideas for stories, recipes, interesting photos, great eating experiences or positive food experiences in general we want to hear from you. If you have a beef with anything food related, you should take care of that business when it happens at the point of origin. Enough said.

So embark with us on a journey of enjoyment and knowledge about the local tri-city area food scene as the entree with the surrounding area and Arizona as the dessert, with the world as the after dinner drink. Food, cooking, eating is supposed to be a relaxed, happy and festive time. If food shopping, preparing, cooking or eating involves, screaming, yelling, throwing, you are doing it wrong and we are going to teach you the right way to enjoy it. We all know the pandemic has caused everyone some kind of abnormality, now more then ever we need to support one another, support the businesses that provide for us and support ourselves with positive and informative information. Even thru the worst one must keep as positive as possible.

We at Arizona Appetite want to thank you for taking the time to be involved and grow with us as we set sail on this journey of discovery. Stay in touch, stay informed, stay tuned in and above all, stay hungry my friends, now lets eat!