WVFD Pancake Breakfast

WVFD Pancake Breakfast

The Williamson Valley Fire Department has been hosting their famous pancake breakfast for over 20 years.

Fred Mcelvy has been the point man and making the pancakes for 14 years. His crew of Andy, Mike and Bob round out the rest of the menu, eggs, bacon, sausage.

The last Sunday of each month from 8-10am, you can get coffee and orange juice, pancakes plain or with cinnamon and you can add blueberries to either and the amount is up to you but Fred makes them 10$ size so be careful. Eggs to order any way, you can also get grilled bell peppers, onions and cheese. Omelettes with everything is a crowd fav. For the finale you can get regular bacon, turkey bacon or link sausage, or some of each. You get all this for a donation only.

This past Sunday was a record setter. Covid has kept everyone at home and the breakfasts were put on hold. But everyone came out for this first one in over a year. Pictured at left is Jan and Shawn. Jan is one of the original board members and helped get the fire department off the ground and is a regular at the breakfasts. Shawn is one of the firemen on the lucky crew who gets to set the whole thing up. Chief Brian heads up the crew.

The rest of the crew help out making the pancake batter, man the coffee and juice bar, keep all the syrups full and make sure all the tables are nice and clean. Then they have to put everything away after a busy morning.

One of the great things about this breakfast is you get to visit with all your neighbors plus neighbors from other areas. It is a great get together, plus you get to met and get to know your local firemen, which is always a good thing.

The cooking crew stays extremely busy from 7 to 11 setting up and getting everything ready for the rush when the bell rings at 8. After your donation pancakes are first in line, with eggs on their heels, with your protein then its off to find your seat and hopefully sit next to someone you have not met before and strike up a conversation about who knows what. I sat with Diane and Karen, long time friends and they showed me some new inventions for the garden to keep it warm and the wind away for the first couple months. That was followed up by what everyone lost with the late frost. Was nice to catch up with a lot of neighbors we haven't seen in a while. Also got to visit with my friend Dana, was a great way to start my day.

This breakfast rivals any in town, and the company is fantastic. There are Harley groups, bike riding groups, side x side groups that attend along with all the neighborhood folks in Williamson Valley and beyond.

The department uses the funds to get extra training, buy equipment so the extra funds pay a huge dividend for the quality of the department to help everyone in times of trouble.

Do yourself a favor and make a trip on the last Sunday of the month, get a fantastic breakfast, help out the firemen and meet some new friends.

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Pancake Breakfast

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